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Filtercomm DEEPFLOW hydrostatic filter with filter fabric for effective cleaning of industrial cooling lubricants used in machining processes.

Deepflow hydrostatic coolant filtration system may be implemented individually on machine tools or as a centralized filtration system. This filtration technology, which combines high head pressure and filter fabric, provides a very effective, high filtration efficiency.

DEEPFLOW allows treatment of high quantities of coolant yet occupying reduced floor space.

The above industrial coolant filtration system was supplied to an OEM customer for a heavy duty grinding application producing large quantities of mud.

Machine type: Giustina

Features offered:

Model DEEPFLOW 1000 hydrostatic filter with automatic rewinding system, including scraper blade for removal of mud from the exhausted filter fabric. Flowrate 500 l/min.

The coolant filter is supplied with filter fabric with an end-roll microswitch...

...and a laser sensor for fabric detection, which continuously checks the presence of the filter media, ensuring that the alignment of the fabric in the sealing guides is always correct.

This detector is an added safety measure which ensures that the fabric filtration process takes place correctly.

Magnetic separator MAGDISK 600 heavy-duty model for removal of magnetic waste during industrial machining processes.

Clean coolant tank with sloped bottom.

Tank containment 3.300 L.

Deepflow coolant filter tank equipped with a Grundfos multi-impeller pump with flowrate 500 l/min 4,5 bar for clean coolant return, a pump for automatic tank emptying and a multi-level with 3 proximity sensors for control of coolant level inside the Deepflow hydrostatic filter tank.

Transit box with Harting connection.

This solution allows lifting of the Deepflow coolant filter for tank maintenance purposes without the need to disconnect cable connections on the main electric box supplied by the customer.

Chiller FREEZ with immersed coil and stirrer. This industrial chiller unit’s thermostat has the added feature of wireless control through an APP on cell phone.

Dirty coolant transfer tank with round shape to minimize sludge sedimentation.

Coolant transfer tank equipped with 3 level controls and Brinkmann pump with built-in agitator at the pump suction for breaking up clusters of grinding sludge.

Stay tuned for more Engineered Solutions by Filtercomm!


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