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Magdisk Magnetic Separators

A complete range of magnetic separators to maintain

coolants at maximum efficiency. 

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Magnetic Separators

Suitable for separation of magnetic sludge from industrial coolants deriving from ferrous machining applications.

These magnetic separators can be used to clean both emulsions as well as neat oil and do not need to be equipped with consumable filter material.

Magnetic filter units which can also be used as magnetic pre-filters in combination with paper filtration systems or with self-cleaning filtration systems, to enhance filtration efficiency and minimize the consumption of paper filter media.

Working Process

Working process

  1. Dirty coolant entry: the contaminated coolant is conveyed by gravity or pressure into a calming vessel and then crosses a group of rotating magnetic disks;

  2. Filtration process: the ferrous particles are captured by the magnetic disks. A stainless steel scraper blade continuously removes the gathered sludge onto a discharge slide;

  3. Recycling of filtered liquid: the purified coolant is collected in the below tank and sent back to the machine tool via a transfer pump.


Plus Points

Discover all the advantages of the MagDisk magnetic separator range which allow easy maintenance and cost reductions.



A wide choice of models for the perfect match to the machine tool application.

Select your model



MAGDISK magnetic separators can be combined with Filtercomm's coolant filtration range to guarantee a more accurate level of filtration.


Choose your model

Eleven different magnetic separator models for flow rates ranging from 50 to 1500 l/m (emulsion) and from 35 to 1050 l/m (neat oil).

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