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Deepflow Hydrostatic Coolant Filters

A complete range of high efficiency gravity coolant filters and hydrostatic paper media filters for the filtration of magnetic and non magnetic pollutants. 

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Deepflow Hydrostatic Coolant Filters

Suitable for the filtration of magnetic and non magnetic pollutants, Deepflow hydrostatic filters can treat large volumes of industrial coolant in reduced spaces, providing highly effective filtration and less consumption of filter fabric.

DEEPFLOW gravity coolant filters can be combined with MAGDISK magnetic separators, allowing more effective filtration of the coolant liquid and reduced consumption of filter paper.

Working Process

Working Process

  1. Dirty coolant entry: The contaminated coolant is conveyed to the filter by gravity or pressure and passes through a diffuser which serves to distribute the liquid on the underlying filter fabric where the pollutants are retained; 

  2. Filtration process: The pressure created by the large amount of coolant within the filter progressively creates a compact layer of waste material on the fabric, increasing the degree of filtration as well as reducing the consumption of filter media. When the fabric is completely clogged, the liquid level rises and lifts the float; 

  3. Filter media advancement: The float starts the gearmotor which rotates the chain on which the clogged fabric rests. It is then automatically extracted and rewound (optional) and replaced by a portion of clean fabric, restoring the initial permeability and allowing the coolant to flow again;

  4. Clean coolant exit: The clean coolant is conveyed into a collection tank to be processed as required by the client.


Plus Points

Discover all advantages of the Deepflow filter fabric hydrostatic filters which allow easy maintenance and costs reductions.


Deepflow hydrostatic filtration system can be installed on single machines or used to centralise a number of machine tools simultaneously.



Treatment of high flow rates in reduced spaces. High filtration performance and less filter fabric consumption thanks to the gravity filter's hydrostatic effect.



Deepflow hydrostatic filters can be fitted with different types of filter fabrics to obtain the ideal grade of filtration suitable to your machining application. 


Choose your model

Twelve Deepflow hydrostatic filter models for flow rates ranging from 100 to 4300 l/m (emulsion) and from 50 to 2150 l/m (neat oil).

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