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Filter Fabric

A complete, first quality range of filter fabrics

for the filtration of industrial coolants.

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Filter fabric

A wide range of filters fabrics for coolant filtration. In addition to commonly known filter fabrics in polypropylene and viscose, we also have a wide range of high performing filter paper:

  • Polyester;

  • Spunlace Viscose/Polyester;

  • Viscose Drylaid;

  • Bicomponent Polyester;

  • Needlefelt;

  • Multilayer;

  • Microfibre.

Filter fabric available for any filtration requirement in different weights and in standard or custom-made heights.

Filtercomm filter fabric for coolant filtration .jpg

Choosing the right filter paper

Different filtration technologies require different types of filter paper. Filter fabrics do not only differ according to size and weight but also according to material, consistency and their response to different applications.

To identify the correct filter fabric will enable you to achieve the desired filtration level and to optimize filter paper consumption.

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