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We consider our customers' satisfaction at every stage. Starting from first contact, throughout the development of their custom-made filtration system, during the installation and commissioning processes and beyond.

Starting with a detailed proposal showing elements and components of the project, in this case Deepflow hydrostatic coolant filtration system.

The more information is shared, the better the outcome. While listening to our customers' needs we share our expertise, building trust and laying the foundation of effective team work.

There's nothing like a good filtration project to get us going!

Layouts and electrical schematics are submitted to our customer for approval....

....and then production begins!

DEEPFLOW hydrostatic filter system, featuring:

Deepflow 400 coolant filter with 400 l/min. flowrate.

Sludge tank for collection of exhausted filter fabric.

Clean coolant containment tank, with 3.000 liter capacity.

The tank is fitted with:

External visual levels on either tank side;

Inspection lid for coolant top-up;

Overflow valve;

Multi-level switch with Proximity;

Coolant discharge tap.

N° 3 clean coolant transfer pumps

N° 1 pump for transfer of semi-filtered coolant

Chiller model FREEZ 13 13 kW

IPERFILTER Super-Filtration system composed of 4 filter cartridges contained in specially designed housings

Junction box containing terminal blocks and quick-connection sockets.

Dirty coolant transfer tank with slanting bottom, complete with:

Junction box

Level switches (start, stop, max. alarm)

Transfer pump 300 l/min.

This coolant filtration project was specially designed for an OEM customer's

grinding machine, finishing steel parts.

Have a project? Contact us!

We know filtration. We have your solutions.


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