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Read up on some pointers, starting with COOLANT FILTRATION:

Coolant filtration systems are used to separate solid pollutant particles from industrial coolants used during machining processes. This separation is achieved by using a physical barrier also known as a filter medium.

Industrial coolant filters are vital to help maintain the quality of the liquid and improve the efficiency of downstream machining processes.

Here are some of the advantages obtained when using liquid filters in industrial machining processes:

  • Effective removal of impurities, contaminants, and solids from liquids

  • Better quality of the industrial coolant

  • Better quality of production

  • Increased efficiency and lifespan of downstream processes

  • Money saving due to less waste of coolant (recycling)

Industrial air filtration systems are just as important for industrial manufacturers to ensure air quality, protect workers from inhaling hazardous pollutants, and keep machinery running smoothly. These air filters remove oil mist, dust and smoke from the workshop air, improving air quality and reducing possible respiratory problems.

Advantages are:

  • Protection of workers from inhaling hazardous pollutants in the air

  • Effectiveness in removing oil mist, solid particles and dust from the air

  • Improvement in air quality

  • Reduction in respiratory ailments

  • Increased efficiency and lifespan of machinery

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace! At Filtercomm we are ready to advise you, help you choose, install, maintain, and monitor all types of filtration systems.

We know filtration. We have your solutions.


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