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Check out our latest coolant filtration project supplied to an OEM customer for a grinding machine application.

Our customer requested a high efficiency filtration system for treatment of very fine particulates deriving from grinding machining processes, producing parts intended for the oil and gas and aerospace industries.

DEEPFLOW 400 hydrostatic coolant filtration system including filter fabric and end-of filter roll microchip.

Supplied with clean coolant tank divided into filtered and super-filtration section; tank with 3.000 liter capacity includes visual levels on tank sides (filtered and super-filtration sections).

The correct coolant filtration system will strongly contribute to maintain maximum efficiency of metal working fluids, increase productivity and optimize maintenance processes.

2 multi-level visual levels with proximity sensors installed on each tank section (filtered and super-filtration).

3 coolant transfer pumps: 100 l/min 2,16 bar - 150 l/min 3,5 bar - 220 l/min 1 bar.

4 IPERFILTER super-filtration elements in by-pass.

Total flowrate 300 l/min

Each filtration unit contains 1 cartridge filter element.

Supplied with hydraulic system and pressure gauge to monitor cartridge clogging.

Industrial chiller model FREEZ 13

13 Kw with immersion cooling coil for installation directly on coolant tank.

Accurate thermoregulation with our industrial chillers will lengthen the life span of cutting lubricants, allowing you to achieve higher finishing standards and reduce wear of machining utensils.

Dirty coolant transfer tank with rounded base to avoid build-up of sludge at tank bottom; equipped with transfer pump 300 l/min, 3 levels and electrical junction box

Keep your industrial coolants clean to lengthen their life cycle and reduce wear of machining tools!

More projects coming! Stay tuned...


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