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Oil mist filters for clean air!

Look after your work force and your industrial workshop by installing COSMOS oil mist collectors on your machine tools.

COSMOS oil mist filtration systems are the ideal solution for effective extraction of oil mist pollution contained in the air and produced during most industrial machining processes using cooling lubricants.

This air filter range offers maximum flexibility without needing to make any structural changes to the filtration unit, thanks to the following plus points:

COSMOS industrial air filter is a high-performing oil mist collector, specially designed to respond very efficiently to heavy duty and high pressure machining.

The Cosmos air filtration system allows customers to select the filter elements to place within the unit according to the coolant being used during the machining process.

COSMOS oil mist collector presents three separate filtration stages, each one highly effective in the treatment of oil mist:

A pre-filtration section with washable metallic filter cell (G2 efficiency) and drop separator (for filtration of emulsion).

The filters in the prefiltration section can be exchanged with a metallic filter cell and a multi-layer glass fiber filter to treat neat oil machining applications.

A main oil mist filtration section consisting in a pleated cartridge filter with large filtration surface, F9 efficiency, coupled with a removable coalescent filter sleeve to protect the cartridge and prolong its duration in time.

An after-filter (optional) with a certified absolute HEPA H13 filter with 99,95% efficiency.

A further advantage of COSMOS oil mist collectors is that there are 3 different air suction inlets to choose from on the unit, making installation more flexible for the customer.

The COSMOS product range provides very effective direct extraction of oil and emulsion mists on machine tools, significantly contributing to a cleaner and healthier working environment in industrial workshops.

We know air. We know filtration. We have your solutions.


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