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COSMOS oil mist separators are specifically designed for the effective extraction of oil and emulsion mists in industrial working environments.

Cutting and forming production processes in the metalworking industry produce vapours, mists and fumes due to the use of coolant lubricants which are sprayed onto quick-rotating tools and workpieces.

This increases health risks of employees in industrial workshop environments.

For an immediate and effective extraction of oil and emulsion mists from our customer’s VICTOR machine, we installed a COSMOS 1200 directly on the machine housing.

This unit, for filtration of emulsion, has three filter stages consisting of:

a pre-filtration section with washable drop separator and metallic G2 filter, a main filtration stage with a high-efficiency cellulose pleated cartridge filter including a coalescent filter sleeve, and a final H13 filtration stage.

The main and the final filtration stages are each one provided with standard-issue manometers to monitor filter clogging.

On the customer’s second VICTOR machine we installed a COSMOS 2000 unit, also for emulsion filtration, on a specially built bracket to support the oil mist collector.

Supplied with suction hose and related accessories for connection to the machine tool.

Nice, clean job by our Service Team!


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