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Make Lots of Parts, Not Health Problems

High-speed CNC machines produce large amounts of oil mist and vapor which results in hazardous substances entering the workplace.

Stopping the pollutants from entering the workshop environment is essential to keeping your workforce healthy and reducing machine downtime.

Filtercomm air filtration solutions
Filtercomm air filtration solutions

Choosing an air filtration system is not easy and depends on a variety of factors.

Oil mist extraction units should be selected based on machining applications and after detailed investigation of the machining conditions present in the workshop. Though the technology behind some of these filtration units may seem simple, knowing when and how to implement the correct oil mist collector is no easy feat. Once the air filtration unit is in use, the advantages are immediately obvious :

  1. Employee health. In addition to protecting their health, a clean working environment will encourage a positive attitude in employees who will also take pride in their surroundings and in the work they do.

  2. Equipment efficiency. Effective air filtration will help to protect the machine tool from pollution build-up keeping its equipment efficient and ensuring the quality of the machined parts.

  3. Reduced machine downtime. A clean machine and workshop will require less maintenance procedures to be carried out on stopped machines.

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