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Custom filtration solutions and engineering

FILTERCOMM worked closely with the customer to design and develop HIS centralised filtration system.

Filtercomm Deepflow hydrostatic filtration system
Filtercomm Deepflow hydrostatic filtration system

Deepflow Filtercomm, a compact hydrostatic coolant filtration system

  • Clean coolant tank;

  • Vertical multi-level with 3 proximity sensors;

  • Sludge tank;

  • 2 coolant transfer pumps (one in stand-by);

  • Immersion chiller;

  • Heat exchanger and electrical cabinet with inverter and PLC;

  • Completing the system are 3 dirty coolant transfer tanks each fitted with pump, vertical multi-level with 3 proximity sensors, terminal box.

Filtercomm system layout
Filtercomm system layout

You need it, we got it:


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