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COSMOS oil mist filtration systems are the ideal solution for effective extraction of oil mist pollution contained in the air, and produced during most industrial machining processes using cooling lubricants.

These units, heading off to Spain, have been supplied to treat both emulsion and neat oil machining applications.

Three of these air filters are supplied with filter elements ideal for the filtration of emulsion and two oil mist collectors contain filtration elements suitable for treatment of neat oil.

These COSMOS air filtration units come complete with HEPA post-filters and manometers to monitor the state of the filters. All will be installed directly on transfer machines.

COSMOS oil mist extractors are very effective in the treatment of vapour, mist and fumes arising from the use of coolant lubricants during a variety of production processes carried out in the metal working industry.

COSMOS oil mist collectors for an effective direct extraction of oil and emulsion mists.


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