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Inside this workshop, 12 turning machines using neat oil were releasing large amounts of oil mist into the work environment, despite the use of stand-alone air filtration units. Filtration of neat oil is slippery business and, where possible, is best treated by installing a centralised filtration system which, in addition to its effective filtration efficiency, also expells the air outside of the working environment.

Our engineering team visited the customer location, made all necessary technical evaluations, collected measurements and information and subsequently submitted a project for approval which included the filtration system, 3D piping layout and electrical control of the system. In other words...

STAR 8 oil mist collector with exhaust chimney, coolant pump for automatic discharge of accumulated oil in the collection tank. Maximum flowrate 8.000 m³/h Motor power 7,5 kW

Extremely high filtration efficiency guaranteed by a pre-filtration section consisting in metallic filters, a main filtration section with 6 pleated glass fibre cartridges (specific for filtration of oil) with a total filtration surface of 60 m².

Electrical control box with CEREBRO Cyclic System ™ with LAN and/or 4G connection. This technology enables the customer to verify at any time the state of the filter elements and the filtration system's function, as well as to pass from an automatic mode to a manual mode using a computer, tablet or smartphone from any location!

An inverter combined with pressure transducer allow for considerable energy savings and limit unnecessary warm air dispersion, as CEREBRO regulates the absorbed electrical power and air flow only according to the machine tools that are operating.

What else, you ask?

Our SPACE-X pre-filters installed on each machine tool for a primary reaggregation of the oil mist generated within the machine tool cabins. Each of these filtration units is equipped with a washable metallic filter to capture the oil particles. There were lots of those around...before Filtercomm came to the rescue...

In addition to the project design, we supplied the piping and all related accessories. Naturally in galvanised sheet metal and with leakage-proof couplings.

Engineeered solutions by Filtercomm!

Our Service Team carried out the installation of the entire system, which, once completed, also included:

Systems check that all components were correctly installed and functioning properly.

Balancing of the system by means of mechanical shutter valves and inverter with transducer.

Check of air flow velocity, air expulsion velocity at chimney point and total static pressure of the entire system using calibrated and certified instruments.

Instruction of workers responsible for operation and maintenance of the centralised filtration system.

Issue of the testing certificate showing all the system's parameters.

by Filtercomm!


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