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Skimmer Disk

A complete range of industrial Skimmers to eliminate surface oils

from industrial coolants.


Skimmer Disk

A simple and versatile disc skimmer to remove surface oils from industrial coolants. 

Easy to install on any kind of tank, available in 3 different diameters.

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Working Process

Working Process

The industrial oil skimmer's rotating plexiglass disc is immersed in the coolant which needs to be filtered.

Oils floating on the coolants surface, particularly those with higher viscosity (eg. steering lubricants), adhere to the disc's surface.

A teflon scraper blade cleans the oil from the disc's surface regenerating it continuously.

Plus Points

Discover all the advantages of Skimmer Disk for easy maintenance and cost reductions.

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An industrial oil skimmer with different configurations to meet  all types of machining application requirements. 

>  Contact us to customize your Skimmer Disk

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Skimmer Disk industrial oil skimmer does not require replacement filters. The plexiglass disc is automatically cleaned and continuously regenerated.



Skimmer Disk oil skimmers are equipped with settable timers  to activate the working process only when needed.

Technical Details


Disc skimmer available in 3 different configurations adaptable to any type of tank.

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Technical Details

Disc material: plexiglass

Disc diameter: 300/400/500 mm

Framework material: metal in powder coated varnish

Weight: 5 kg

Scraper blade material: Teflon

Voltage: 220V - 50Hz

Rotation speed: 4,5 rpm. with gearmotor

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