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AirVac Industrial Vacuum

A robust and versatile single phase industrial vacuum



AirVac single phase industrial vacuum is the fitting solution for different kinds of vacuum requirements, thanks to its compact size, its wide filtration surface,  an integrated cleaning system and an easily detachable container.

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Working Process

Working Process

  1. Suctioned material enters the unit  through a tangential suction inlet;

  2. A metal cyclone causes the incoming air to lose speed;

  3. The suctioned material falls into the vacuums unit's container

  4. 90% of the suctioned material is removed before reaching the star filter, ensuring its longer durability.


The "M" class star filter stops even the finest dusts. 

The manual filter shaker allows to easily clean the filter, ensuring safe and optimal performance.

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Plus Points

Discover the advantages of this industrial vacuum for dust, to ensure easy maintenance and reductions in operating costs.



A manual filter shaker located on the unit's side allows to easily and quickly clean the filter, removing dust and debris from its surface. Thanks to this clever cleaning system, the operator may continue working without needing to wash or replace the filter, yet still maintaining the industrial vacuum's maximum performance.


AIRVAC aspiratore vacuum facile da


AirVac single phase vacuum is extremely easy to use. Thanks to its wheels it can be transported anywhere inside the workshop and its wide selection of accessories make it perfect for any need. Maintenance is simple and fast.

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Suction is provided by 3 by-pass motors, each one governed by an independent switch, allowing the operator to select the power level based on the  application needs.  The 3 motor version is the most powerful in its category and can reach incredible performance levels.

AIRVAC-filtrazione efficiente.jpg


The "M"classified filters with 1μ filtration efficiency can filter even the finest dusts, so guaranteeing workers' health and safety. The 3 independent by-pass motors allow use of only the power needed specific to the application, contributing to a reduction in energy use and expenses.


Technical Details

Air flow rates up to 540 m3/h, collection bins with 65 or 100 lt capacity.

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