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Our SPACE oil mist collector is an ideal air filtration system to extract oil mist and smoke from ambient air.

SPACE 1500 oil mist collector with sponge filter, G3 efficiency, for filtration of emulsion, airflow 1.500 m³/h, here in horizontal version.

SPACE air filters (horizontal or vertical version) may also be equipped with HEPA post-filter (essential when treating smoke and micro-mist) and cartridge filter fitted with coalescent filter sleeve (ideal for filtration in neat oil applications).

Machining processes in the metalworking industry using coolant lubricants produce vapour, mist and fumes which contaminate the surrounding air inside the workshop, increasing health risks for employees in the immediate environment. Installing a SPACE air filtration system on the machine will drastically reduce propagation of emulsion mists, oil mists and fumes inside the working environment.

SPACE oil mist collectors for an effective direct extraction of oil and emulsion mists.


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