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Another Clean Air installation by Filtercomm!

Featuring our Star oil mist collector as a centralised air filtration system on six sharpening machines using emulsion during the machining process.

The Star air filtration system is fitted with two cellulose cartridges, both protected by a coalescent filter sleeve to prolong their efficiency and duration in time.

The oil mist filter has a pre-filtration section, equipped with a washable metallic filter and PVC drop separator, which provides an effective preliminary elimination of the pollutants entering the filtration system.

A final filtration stage consisting in a Hepa H13 filter completes the job, allowing only clean air to exit the filtration unit.

Other features on this air filtration unit are a manometer to monitor cartridge filter clogging, an hour counter, thermal switch, on/off switch, remote-start connection and an oil collection tank with visual level.

Project work and piping layout provided by Filtercomm after an in-depth survey on customer's site.

Complete piping and accessories supplied by Filtercomm. System installation, testing and training undertaken by our #filtercommservice team!

The Star centralised air filtration system installed inside this workshop ensures air quality, protects the workers from inhaling hazardous pollutants, and keeps the machines running smoothly.

We know air. We know filtration. We have your solutions.


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